I live in Greece and i will try to use my poor english to communicate with people who would like to make an efford to inform others about their experience in treating fibroids without surgery or with minimal access techniques.
I have big fibroids and my experience with those 5 doctors I visited was very bad,because their only interest was ... money money money and ...next please...
And their interest for maintenance or the condition of my womb after the whatever...ectomy they proposed was zero.
So it has been 18 months now that I hope to find a method with the best results .
After having received several mails from other women,I was dissapointed till that day that I found "THE" ARTICLE that made me hope again...
Unfortunately I have no further information and I ask from people who know, to inform me if there is any place on earth where somebody can get that treatment!
Also if anybody managed to find a natural way to shrink , fibroids ,up to 30% please e-mail me.
My e-mail is uniscienviro (at) yahoo (dot) com
Every information I receive,it will be published