Today I found another promising title : Chapman R :Successful pregnancies following laser-inducedinterstitial thermotherapy (LITT) for treatment of large uterine leiomyomas.
I found that little abstract here of the same Doctor concerning the same treatment method:


The use of Laser-induced Interstitial Thermotherapy in Gynaecology

Roxana Chapman

Cromwell Hospital, Harley Street Clinic and University College Hospital Private Wing, London, UK


Since Laser-induced Interstitial Thermotherapy (LITT) was first described in 1983 following experimental work on liver tumours, a number of deep seated malignant tumours have been treated by this method, usually as a palliative procedure. The author was the first to employ LITT for the treatment of uterine leiomyomas, although myolysis with high power laser had previously been used. She was able to show that low power LITT was compatible with subsequent child bearing. Directing the laser fibres towards the base of the tumour where the blood vessels entered, was later found to be more efficacious and suggested a more efficient way of treating malignancies so angiogenosis could be controlled and so lead to curative rather than palliative surgery.

Adenomyosis was next treated successfully by LITT, a condition which until then had defied any treatment other than hysterectomy. More recently it has been shown that many conditions respond to LITT, including certain solid and cystic ovarian tumours, palliatively for the treatment of advanced cancer, certain chronic and deep seated infections, haemangiomas, elongation of the supravaginal cervix in cases of genital prolapse. The list appears to be almost limitless.

Where is this treatment offered?No information like ILP treatment .How can somebody get more information about that paper?I don't know .It is not accessible on the internet like most of studies!
I came in contact with Dr Rowan Connell who was involved on to ILP treatment study and he (via his secretary) informed me that ILP is offered at St Mary's hospital where they replied to me that they didn't!!!
If there is any information about ILP or LITT methods,please e-mail me and it will be posted.